Essential to the market are the volunteers who dedicate their time to making it all happen every Friday. Carol Meyer-Niedzwiecki, our Operations Market Manager is assisted each week by several volunteers. Sue Moore (public relations manager) and Kay Anderson (Market Board secretary) are on duty each Friday. Maureen Wiertella tracks and records the weekly token counts and vendor reimbursements and Carol LaFrance coordinates our monthly Kids Plate Program and helps at the market manager table.

Don Wiertella is at the market every Friday morning rain or shine to rope off the customer parking area and to set up the orange cones to designate safe traffic flow in and out of the market.

Nancy Wolf  co-market manager from 2010 through 2013 and helped to found the market in 2010. 

Sheila Buitenhuis also helps at the market manager table. 

Thank you to Matt Green and Brandon Smith for weekly set up/tear down assistance.